How Workplace Wellness App can Simplify the Wellness Program

How Workplace Wellness App can Simplify the Wellness Program

Corporate companies aiming to increase the productivity of employees & their retention and reduce the healthcare cost have started focusing on employee wellness programs.

In today’s digital world if your company doesn’t have a dedicated wellness program for your employees, you can still go for wellness mobile apps to form healthy habits among the people. You can choose from a number of wellness mobile apps available on the internet according to the needs & interests of your workforce.

Typically the workplace wellness app such as “The Wellness Corner” offers various features for corporate employees such as health risk assessment, biometric screenings, EAP, wellness challenges, doctor consultation and integration with wearables. So in this way, a single worksite wellness app does everything that a comprehensive wellness program can offer.

Today, every benefit of a wellness program can be delivered through a worksite wellness mobile app so it is very important to implement a versatile wellness program that is capable to deliver everything through the mobile app.

How the wellness app can simplify the offerings of a wellness program

Worksite Wellness App

Comprehensive health assessment

Health assessment is the first step towards behavior change or forming a specific healthy habit in the employees as it helps identify the need of a wellness program offerings.

‘The Wellness Corner’ app helps employers assess employees’ health, makes suggestions, connect them with specialists and encourages them to form a healthy behavior. Today, every corporate employee uses a smartphone and it remains in the pocket all the way so the wellness app installed in the phone can be the best health guide for them. Health assessment taken on the mobile app is easy to manage by employees and the most important is they have higher level of confidentiality.

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Health Coaching

Wellness platforms play a vital role in educating employees on healthy behaviors by necessary coaching through video-based content, live presentations, well-being webinars, personalized feedback from health coaches and more. It helps them to understand the cruciality of healthy lifestyle behavior followed in the workplace as well as with family.

Although there are different aspects of wellness program to entertain the health & well-being needs of employees yet health coaching is the first step towards an effective wellness program targeted for behavioral modification.

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Tracking of Wellness Engagement

A well-designed wellness app can easily track the employee participation of the wellness program as well as their regularity of maintaining healthy behavior. It’s a human tendency to focus more on the task if the progress towards achieving the set goals, is shown on a frequent basis. The wellness apps are good to work in that direction owing to wellness progress dashboard availability.

The administrators of the wellness program such as an employer or HR professional can see the live reports on the program participation and the progress of the workforce toward behavior modification through the dashboard provided in the app.

Tracking & Management of Incentives and Rewards.

Motivated employees are known to be more engaged with the wellness platform. Offering rewards & incentives on successful completion of well-being goals keeps the employees motivated toward maintaining healthy behavior.

Thanks to ‘The Wellness Corner’ app for providing employers with a solution to track, validate & manage wellness program incentives & rewards in an automated manner without any manual intervention. The app also makes it easy for employees to manage and track their progress towards wellness goals that, in turn, paves the way of drawing more engagement.

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Experts believe that corporate wellness offerings will be widely managed through workplace wellness apps. These apps will help employees to cultivate healthy habits to reduce health risks and lower the employer’s healthcare cost.

The worksite wellness app managed by Truworth – “The Wellness Corner” is a complete wellness solution for the companies to keep their employees healthy, engaged and productive.