Embrace Workplace Yoga Sessions to Lower Employee Stress, A Research Review

Embrace Workplace Yoga Sessions to Lower Employee Stress, A Research Review

Workplace Wellness to Relieve Stress

As per the recent research review conducted by Occupational Medicine, People who give importance to yoga at the workplace remain less stressed than the ones who don’t.

It is found in the research that almost 30% of employees stay stressful at the workplace which negatively impacts their health and works outcome. This may also lead to increased health expense. Besides, such kind of people is likely to pass stress to other co-workers too.

Yoga at the workplace is one of the best approach adopted by a huge number of employers to empower their population in order to fight with stress. Let’s read below the investigation about how good yoga works to deal with stress in the workplace.

In the research, there were 1300 employees participated who went through 13 trials. In each trial, a group of a random number of employees was asked to be a part of the workplace yoga session and the rest of the employees were not involved in it. The result displayed a mixed picture overall health of the employees but yoga did improve the mental stress level of the employees who participated in the program. They felt more relaxed & happy after going through the yoga session of 20 minutes.

SOURCE: bit.ly/2VrU8RQ

Yoga at work must be adopted by the organizations globally to reduce the stress levels of their employees. Generally, the employee yoga programs are easy to conduct in workplaces as it doesn’t require a big investment and it also needs less number of equipment & accessories.

Companies who are giving a trial to workplace yoga programs are likely to help employees reduce their stress levels for better engagement and productivity at the workplace. In the long run, such kind of companies can offer a healthy work culture to the employees and eventually it will help them achieving expected employee retention rate.

However, still more & more companies are yet to accept yoga as a part of their employee wellness program. In order to accept yoga at work, the companies have to understand how the mental wellness of the workers affects the expected business outcome. They must go through various studies which show yoga at work improves the business ROI, raises employee retention and lowers the rate of presenteeism & absenteeism and healthcare cost.

Finally, the employees who are associated with such organizations where yoga sessions are not conducted can practice some light breathing exercises known as ‘pranayama’. Pranayama can easily be practised at the work desk for mental relaxation and to get rid off harmful toxins from the body.  It can be learned through expert videos shared online and can be taught to other co-workers easily.

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