Connecting you with a specialist to discuss your health concerns over the phone or one-to-one chat and get diagnosis & personalized feedback for further management.

How Online Doctor Consultation Works?

Our health and wellness platform gets you connected with a certified doctor over a phone call, one-to-one chat or a video call. We maintain the privacy and confidentiality of such bidirectional communication.

During the online consultation, you can ask any query related to your health or talk to your doctor about any health concern that troubles you the most.

At the end of the conversation, you will receive a diagnosis of your condition along with personalized instructions & feedback from the doctor.

You can always follow up with your doctor for further clarifications on your health conditions

Connect with the doctor

You are given access to the telephonic helpline number of a specialist based upon the nature of your concern. You can connect with the doctor anytime, anywhere as per your comfort.

Receive diagnosis and personalized feedback

Doctor will do a diagnosis of your health condition and give you personalized feedback for further management.

Talk about your health concerns

Discuss your health concerns in detail so your doctor has a better understanding of your condition.

Follow up with your doctor

You can follow up with your doctor to review your progress & further discuss your condition.

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