Tips for Employees to Create and Maintain A Healthy Workspace

Tips for Employees to Create and Maintain A Healthy Workspace

When you arrive at your office in the morning the first thing you see is your office desk. And what do you get to see? Are papers sprawled all over your desk? Do you see trash lingering from yesterday’s lunch? Or there is nothing but blank walls, and empty desk space, and nothing bright? Believe it or not, your workspace has the potential to both negatively or positively impact your mental wellbeing and overall health.

Building and maintaining a healthy work environment is more than merely getting rid of the clutter. It’s about building a space that encourages healthy habits that helps you stay calm and feel comfortable throughout your workday. If your work environment makes you feel anything but Zen, it’s the right time for a little makeover. Follow these simple steps for planning and maintaining a healthy and happy workspace:

Step #1: Reorganize


An unorganized, cluttered desk is a recipe for trouble. Begin by sorting through everything right from your desk to your desk drawers. Shred or recycle all old papers, replace old coffee mugs that you no longer use, and return any excess office supplies if you have any, to your supply closet. The key is keeping the essentials only, also don’t forget your junk drawer!

Step #2: Get Cleaning

Get Cleaning

A lot of employees don’t clean their desks regularly. In fact, according to a survey, only 64% of workers clean their desktops once a month or even less. Between shared office supplies and food, it’s no wonder that desks are a hotspot for germs. An average work desk harbors nearly 400 times more bacteria as compared to an average toilet seat.

Step #3: Stock Up!

super foods

Once your workstation is tidy and clean, it’s time to begin stacking up a few healthy snacks that you can eat during the long working day when you start to feel hungry. Having healthy snacks handy will make the leftover birthday cake or the vending machine a little less tempting.

Some of the healthy desk snacks include:

  • Raisins
  • Almonds
  • 100% whole-wheat crackers
  • Healthy trail mix
  • Nut butter
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Dried fruit
  • Popcorn
  • Granola
  • Tuna packs
  • Jerky

Feeling calm and comfortable in your office space are basic requirements that add to your overall work performance. Redesigning your workspace wellness programs is one small step that you can take to feel happier, healthier, and more productive.

Step #4: Comfortable Workspace

Keep in mind the ergonomics by looking for a comfortable workspace with adequate lights and temperature control. Also, look for your “go-to” place where you can get away from work to unwind and relax so that you are all charged up and productive when you head back to your desk.

Step #5: Ergonomics

Use a chair that supports your back and has adjustable height so your body is naturally aligned and relaxed. Also, place your monitor screen at eye level, about an arm’s length away to avoid strain on your neck and eyes. Bring in plants to create a creative and healthy environment around. Also, use a standing desk to create a healthy balance of sitting and standing. See more details on office ergonomics.

Step #6: Organize healthy activities

Organize healthy activities in the office like onsite weight loss programs and group exercises (onsite Zumba session once a week) to promote healthy eating, physical activity, and good health. Also, promote walking meetings to cut down on your sitting time and stay active. Read more about fun ice-breaking activities in the workplace.

Step #7: Build a tobacco-free workplace

Say no to tobacco and provide others with the necessary support they need for a tobacco-free workplace.

Considering that an average Indian spends about one-third of his day at work sitting in a chair and stressing over deadlines or buying junk from the office vending machine, it makes sense that the workspace plays a significant role in contributing to your overall health. You must aware of the bad effects of prolonged sitting in the workplace. However, with a little effort, any office can become a healthy one.

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