Managing Diabetes At Workplace

Managing Diabetes At Workplace

It is tough to deny that majority of us breathe at a breakneck speed due to the nature of our fast-paced society, where several obligations easily overpower our resources and time. But for all the people suffering from diabetes, both emotional and physical stress can take a larger toll on health.

A diabetic is ought to eat appropriate meals in a day, test their blood sugar level and do regular exercise as well as take a consistent sleep. Diabetes affects the life of the concerned person every day. One of the several struggles of living with this chronic illness is balancing the obligations of this disease with the requirements of the workplace, where you spend the most of your day.

Even though diabetes is regarded as a manageable disease, yet keeping it controlled at work becomes quite tough. As in office, it’s difficult to spare proper time for eating, taking medications or keeping the check on sugar levels during long hours of work. The trouble doubles in its strength for people working in shifts, as it not only affects their appetite and cause fluctuation in weight but also results in several digestive problems like diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, and indigestion.

Diabetes is unique to every individual. Hence, diabetes management should also be unique to each individual’s requirement. However, this chronic illness must not stop an individual from holding on to a well-loved or secure job.

By creating few small yet necessary changes in your routine life you can easily manage diabetes at workplace, and can continue working with a greater enthusiasm. All it requires is proper planning and patience.

By following below mentioned tips, you can effectively deal with diabetes at workplace and contribute to the success of your employer.

  • Do not miss any of your meals throughout the day. Skipping meals can result in an increase in blood glucose level and cause weight gain.
  • Match your medications according to your meals. Taking medication regardless of when one is eating can result in swings in blood sugar levels and low blood sugars.
  • Avoid Snacking at the office. Instead, go for healthier options available like salad or brown bread sandwich. Slowly digested, high-fiber, healthy snacks helps in curbing hunger by producing a steady release of blood sugar that helps control diabetes.
  • Keep roasted chanas and sugar-free biscuits handy to pop in your mouth during long meetings. Snacking during long intervals of meals can aid you in achieving best blood glucose control.
  • Keep on stretching your feet at regular time intervals as well as take short breaks. Get up from your seat after every two hours and take a small walk around the working arena.
  • Carry out some small physical activities as they help in lowering blood glucose level, controlling blood pressure and bad cholesterol as well as keeps joints flexible and reduces stress.
  • If you are on insulin, you must carry a glucometer at work and keep a check on blood sugar level at regular time intervals during the shift.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day as it helps your body function properly. If you’re dehydrated, it can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels, harm kidneys as well as increase the risk of nerve damage.