Why Employee Well-being must be Self-managing

Why Employee Well-being must be Self-managing

Employee well-being is not such a thing which can be established in the workplace overnight. Also, it cannot be a part of the HR policy so employers could mandate well-being in the workplace. Establishing employee well-being in the workplace is a relentless effort from the HR towards creating an atmosphere of health & well-being and encourage employees to form a healthy behavior.

Every employee has different well-being dimensions to work upon so organizations cannot define a general set of well-being rules & practices for all employees. After a certain extent, well-being is self-managing by every employee.

Here are few factors companies should take into account while considering employee well-being self-managing.

Why Employee Well-being must be Self-Manageing

Wellness & well-being are not same at all

Many people consider wellness & well-being in similar terms and so they use them interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two terms. The term wellness defines our physical health condition but well-being is focused on emotional, financial & social aspects along with the physical wellness.

Every human has a distinct burnout point

Burnout affects each of us differently as of the different reactions to the situation. For example, a situation may cause stress for one person but it may be completely normal for another person. So we have to keep learning how to manage stress in every situation in order to achieve all aspects of well-being. Learn more about bouncing back after burnout in the workplace.

All forms of communications are important

Today traditional verbal group or one to one interactions are gradually being replaced by digital-based communications. Although the mobile communication is a demand for the situation yet it doesn’t mean we stop speaking to each other as it has its own importance for social well-being.

Differentiate urgent & non-urgent

You don’t have to create panic and respond urgently to every situation. Every situation is different so learn judging the urgency of the situations. Never mind taking your time to respond to the non-emergency situations. However, give immediate attention to your urgent needs.

Digital Detox

Although digital infrastructure is a demand of the current corporate world yet organizations should allow their employees to take a digital detox on a timely basis. For example when an employee is on a family vacation for a week, never insist him to check work emails or attend official calls. Just give them a break to get relaxed and spend some quality time with the family. It will make them re-energised while returning to work.

Embrace the above-mentioned mantras to start a conversation with your organization in order to implement a comprehensive corporate wellness program that will cover the holistic well-being of employees.