Digital Detox For Improving Your Health

Digital Detox For Improving Your Health

Digital Detox For Improving Your Health

Lot of us hold a digital addiction. Nearly half of the users of the smartphone admit they can’t survive without their smartphones. In this technology-driven world, it’s natural to spend a few minutes online as well as take advantage of the benefits that other devices and smartphones have to offer. However, it’s very important to realize when your use of technology has begun to impact your social, emotional, and mental health.

If you’ve ever noticed a sense of stress linked with your dependency on the smartphone, a digit detox might be just the correct choice for you to reduce stress and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Benefits of a Digital Detox

1. Better Relationships

According to a study, every three out of five people admit they spend more time with their digital devices than their life partners. In these settings, learning to leave your smartphone will not only help you better existing relationships but even help you build some new ones.

2. Boost In Productivity

Want to be more productive at home and at work? Put aside your digital devices! Different studies have revealed that the presence of digital devices can cause distraction and lower task performance. Keeping your phones away on “do not disturb” mode or simply hiding it away under your desk will help you perform at your best as well as stay productive.

3. More Personal Time

Unplugging from the digital world will help you in spending more time with yourself  On an average, an individual spends approximately 4.7 hours on their smartphones every day. Imagine how amazing you could feel if you spent those hours caring for yourself. Unplugging from digital devices and spending time away from social media will help you in reducing a lot of stress in life.

Tips for A Digital Detox

1. Stay mindful

Is it really required to check the phone right now? Ask yourself this question whenever you feel the urge to reach for your smartphone – particularly when you’re out with friends or family. Put down your phone, it can wait.

2. Don’t Use Your Phone Before Bed

Using any type of digital device before bed is a formula for mindless scrolling and bad sleeping habits. To get a good night sleep, put your cell phone down and turn off all digital devices an hour prior to your bedtime.

3. Turn off Notifications

Limit your social media usage, disable push notifications from your apps, this way you’ll stop checking your accounts every few minutes. If you’re worried about something important getting missed, pick three to four designated times a day to check in on social media. Also, keep your cell phone on “do not disturb” mode during before you start your workout, you’ll really experience the difference.