Ways for HR to Get Corporate Leaders Mixed up with Employees

Ways for HR to Get Corporate Leaders Mixed up with Employees

Many Employees have this common complaint with corporate companies that they feel isolated from the company leaders. The corporate hierarchy culture can be blamed to a certain extent for this isolation of specific employees. Many junior employees are found to interact within a separate team and take part in a separate work meeting as they are accountable for a different set of responsibilities than company leaders. It stops building a bond of interaction between them.

This communication gap between the employees and leaders leads to a blockage to an inclusive workplace. Here are some ways for HR to get company leaders involved with employees.

Get your Leaders Involved with Employees

Let the Team Leaders be the Medium Between Employees & Company

HR or employer can come to know about the problems existing in the company only after thorough communication with the employees. So it becomes absolutely important to set up the right communication mediums in the company. Team leaders are the best option to take feedback from employees about the problems they are experiencing and convey them to the higher management of the company. In this way, different team leaders would get more interactive and involved with their respective team members.

Establish Open Door Policy

For an inclusive workplace culture start building an open door policy which allows employees to reach anyone in the office without any hesitation. It will open a direct door between employees and the employer for direct conversation in terms of exchanging unique & creative ideas and the problem areas of the workplace to focus on.

Asking Managers or Executives to be a Part of Team meetings

Although managers or executives of the company have many other important things already in their work schedule for the day yet it will be very great to be a part of different team meetings of the employees occasionally. It will help to make the meeting sessions much open & more interactive. Also, the leaders will get to understand how each of the teams works to improve the business.

Skip-Level Meetings

Schedule skip-level meetings on a frequent basis to increase the interaction of junior employees with company leaders. Generally, the team meetings happen between employees and their one level up managers but the skip-level meetings allow them to directly meet with their boss’s boss. In this way, junior fellows can present their ideas & thoughts to someone who can convert them into reality. Besides, the company leaders also get to know the qualities and skills of the employees taking the business to the new heights of success.

Social Media Channels

Today, with the evolution of the digital world, the company can use various social media tools or set up its own social media network to streamline communication between employees. Employees find it an easy way to approach any person in the company including leaders and owners over the social network. An online community is a powerful medium to connect company leaders with employees to share their experiences, exciting business ideas with each other.


Follow the above-mentioned ways to strengthen the connection between employees and company leaders so they communicate better. It will turn to enhance inclusiveness & openness of your workplace.

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