Keeping Employees Healthy And Engaged Over The Holidays

Keeping Employees Healthy And Engaged Over The Holidays

Keeping Employees Healthy And Engaged Over The Holidays

Keeping employees healthy and engaged during the holiday season can turn out to be a bit tricky. While the winter holidays can be filled with anticipation and joy, some stress and a lot of extra food also come along the way – leading to unhealthy habits. But here are some tips that you can follow to keep your employees healthy and engaged over the holidays.

1. Offer Healthy Snacks

The holidays mean an overload of desserts, baked goods, and other unhealthy dishes. Not enough nutrients and too much sugar will leave employees unable to focus, mentally drained, and sluggish. To help balance out the holiday treats, offer employees with healthy snacks in the office break rooms and kitchen. Snacks like raw veggies, fresh fruit, hummus, rice cakes, dried fruit, and nuts are some excellent options.

2. Promote Indoor Exercise

Stressed and busy and employees are less expected to keep up with their regular exercise routine. Sometimes the weather isn’t optimal for any outdoor activity. However, regular exercise is really very important over the holiday season to stay energized, reduce stress, as well as stay healthy. Employers can help employees be more physically active by promoting indoor exercise throughout the workday.

3. Go For A Wellness Challenge

Organising a wellness challenge over the holiday season is an outstanding way to help employees feel engaged and healthier at the same time. A 30-Day Walking Challenge, for example, will help employees stay healthy and fit both in the workplace and their personal lives. You can also offer some fun incentives to encourage employees to participate in your wellness challenge.

Moreover, employers shouldn’t overlook the holidays in an attempt to keep employees motivated and focused on their work. A real leader will recognize the holidays as an excellent opportunity to keep employees engaged, healthy and productive.