Make Your Office Healthier With These 7 Sneaky Ways

Make Your Office Healthier With These 7 Sneaky Ways

Make Your Office Healthier With These 7 Sneaky Ways

There’s no doubt about the fact that office environments take a toll on your wellness and health. Most of your day is spent in office and it seems like practicing a healthy lifestyle is almost impossible.
In reality, healthy office living is achievable if you put focus on your mind and body throughout your workday. Here we’ve come up with 7 sneaky ways you can implement to make your office healthier.

1. Add plants

Keeping plants in your workplace can help you become more productive and healthier. Few plants like bamboo, ficus and garden mum are really great for air quality. Also, there are various psychological benefits associated with plants and they help boost concentration, creativity, and productivity.

2. Aromatherapy

A nice smell can affect concentration, mood, and productivity. Aromatherapy can be utilized in building a relaxing work environment. Try picking scents like lavender, peppermint or rosemary to lower stress and boost performance.

3. Promote Health Challenges

Everyone prefers a little office competition! Start wellness challenges for your office to compete in. Challenges will help motivate your co-workers and yourself to start building a healthier work environment.

4. Clean

This is very often overlooked. Periodic deep cleaning is essential to the health of your workforce. While your office might have a cleaning team visit regularly, it is still very important that you make efforts in cleaning appliances and shared spaces in your office.

5. Fresh air

Open-up the windows! Let the fresh air circulating in your office. Fresh air is necessary for our body and helps combat occupational allergens. Try different ways to improve your workplace air quality.

6. Encourage

One of the finest ways to make your workforce healthier? Encourage one another! Develop a healthful work environment by following sound communication with your co-workers. Healthy office environment reduces stress in the workplace and increases productivity.

7. Walking Meetings

Walking meetings are an amazing way to get in steps during the workday. Plan for 3-4, 15-minute walks throughout the workday. These will make you feel fit and refreshed.