3 Ways Social Connections Can Strengthen Your Workplace Wellness Program

3 Ways Social Connections Can Strengthen Your Workplace Wellness Program

3 Ways Social Connections Can Strengthen Your Workplace Wellness Program

Work relationships are incredibly valuable to the well-being of an employee. They are more than mere “getting along” with the fellow colleague. As individuals, we crave connection and contact with other people. Sadly, for several employees, workplace turns out to be a really lonely place. And while you might apparently be familiar with the phrase, “I’m here to work, not to make friends,” it’s essential for employers to recognize just how significant workplace social connections are.

Increased Loyalty & Engagement

Employees with social connections at workplace tend to be more loyal and engaged workers. Quality work relationships help in building a stronger organizational culture that emphasizes loyalty, trust, and respect. Social connection offers a sense of cohesion in the workplace, which is imperative for cultivating collaboration, teamwork, and creativity. Employees with positive relationships become more motivated and dedicated to offering their best at work. A work atmosphere that encourages social connection also experiences better recruitment.

Reduced Stress

According to a research it has been found that social connection is one of the biggest predictors of reducing stress and generating happiness. Friendships at workplace boost happiness, which in turn, also lessens the feeling of stress. Low-stress levels are very beneficial in the workplace. No employee can perform his or her best at work when dealing with burnout or chronic stress. High-stress levels at the workplace can lead to illness, irritability, low energy, and absenteeism. By encouraging employees social connections at work, employers can further help reduce workplace stress.

Increased Happiness

Happiness tends to be the most commonly overlooked perspective of employee well-being and health. Relationships are crucial to happiness. Quality relationships give support and help strengthen self-worth – both of which lead to feelings of happiness. According to a study it has been found that relationships remarkably impact our happiness, health, and quality of life. It also states that the quality of relationships mattered more than quantity.