Telemedicine: Importance and Benefits for Employees and Employers

Telemedicine: Importance and Benefits for Employees and Employers

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a technology-based distribution of health consultation, services & information. It allows the distant patient to connect with a certified specialist of any location through telecommunication technology and get medical support. Telemedicine has empowered corporate employees to avail health-related services and support from home. They can also get online doctor consultations services to discuss their health concerns.

Important Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine for Employers and Employees

Ease of Access to Health Care

With telemedicine, employees use web or app-based communication system or telephonic helpline to consult their health concerns with a certified doctor anytime and anywhere according to their comfort. The doctor can use video conferencing as well to examine more closely the visual symptoms.

Better Access to Healthcare for Needy Remote Employees

With telemedicine, remote employees who have rare medical options available to take care of their health can get better access to health care so they get the right advice and support. This is extremely important for the employees who live in rural areas can get emergency health care services through telemedicine until they find a proper physical clinic. Also, the telemedicine is very handy for the employees who have long working hours and cannot take time off to physically visit the nearest clinic for health consultations.

Less or No Waiting time

With traditional health care providers, one has to prebook the appointment and wait until called sometimes the waiting time can increase from some days to weeks depending upon the popularity of the specialist. However, with certain telemedicine subscription plans or in a case of emergency, the appointments can happen anytime on an immediate basis so you don’t have to keep patience to talk to a doctor.

Saving Healthcare Cost

Telemedicine based health check and monitoring service provided from the remote location that significantly reduces the cost of companies, patients as well as insurance companies. It also eliminates the transportation cost to visit the doctor for the routine health check-up or follow-up advice.

The best way to avail telemedicine services in the most beneficial manner for employers is to communicate the exact reason for the workforce for using telemedicine. Give them clear instructions about when and how to utilize telemedicine impactful and what to do if immediate health care is needed.

The right time for any organization to launch telemedicine service for their employees is when common cold and flu starts impacting employees or during the existing COVID-19 infection as it spreads through contaminations so physical distancing is a must to maintain. Additionally, if the infection is caused by the common cold, there is no need to visit the physical clinic rather telemedicine would be the most preferred in such conditions.