Beat Your Seat!! Avoid Sedentary Workplace

Beat Your Seat!! Avoid Sedentary Workplace

Are the workers at office really risking their lives every day by sitting and working at their workstations?

According to a study, the employees who sit for long hours at their workstations are at 90% higher risk of developing diabetes as compared to those who sit less, an 18% greater chance of dying because of cancer or heart disease or and approximately 24% higher odds of dying due to any other medical cause.

In case your schedule demands too much sitting each day, you’re at a greater risk for high blood pressure, obesity, cancer diabetes, depression as well as a whole host of health issues.

But to a solution to this, there are several cost-effective and simple, ways to avoid sedentary workplace and further incorporate movement in your employees without actually interrupting their workflow.

Below are some tips to avoid sedentary workplace:

1. Make Your Own Standing Workstation

Raise the level of your work surface to an appropriate height for which is suitable for you to stand and work, and use a stool whenever you feel like sitting. So are you ready to invest in an adjustable stand-sit product? And yes! This solution doesn’t come with a really hefty price tag, so you can implement it in your office without actually investing a huge amount.

Carry out your workspace assessment to find out the ergonomic fitness of your workstation, then accordingly make adjustments to your chair, keyboard tray and display mount. Change the position of your keyboard and display regularly in order to accommodate reflexive changes in your posture.

2. Walk & Talk

Stand up and talk if a co-worker stops by your workstation or while answering the phone call. Different activities that don’t necessitate the computer,  for example, brainstorming session or group meeting, are just perfect to carry out on your feet. It has clear benefits, according to a study, standing for 3 hours each day for the entire year one can burn up to 30,000 extra calories which are equal to eight pounds of fat. That’s actually equivalent to running approximately 10 marathons.

3. Stand-up & Stretch

It is really bad for your health if you sit in a single posture for more than 30 minutes. The moment you feel sleepy or your muscles getting stiffen, it’s a clear indication of your metabolism getting slow and it’s the right time to stand up and stretch. Bold changes are simple to make when there exists a shared vision, so it’s great to start a standing coalition amid like-minded employees.

Implementing all these small changes is really easy and these changes actually hold the potential for outstanding results. According to a study, an increased productivity from 12 to 18 percent is noticed among employees provided with well-designed ergonomic furniture and wellness activities.

Standing and sitting as your body demands increases metabolism, blood flow, and enhances caloric burn while improving energy, productivity, and focus. Right from the top Fortune 500 companies to startups, employees are the finest resource any company has. Finding different ways to encourage them towards wellness and different physical activities will not only aid their development of healthier behaviors but will also boost satisfaction, morale, and engagement at work. This culture enhances retention, productivity, and is also works as a great approach to incentivize employees.

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