HR Measures to Improve Employee Health & Well-Being

HR Measures to Improve Employee Health & Well-Being

Employees are undoubtedly any company’s most precious resource. And this is probably the reason why there exists a stiff competition among companies to retain their fines team. But, in the current scenario employee retention is actually turning out progressively tough. With organizations competing to lure employees away with numerous attractive offers, in reality, the only way to ensure employee loyalty is by ensuring strong employee health & well-being. According to various research, employees always prefer to work at places where HR understands the health needs of workforce and take care of their happiness. It is observed that at times, they even willingly compromise on the fringe benefits if they have the feeling that the HR of the company is taking measures for employee wellbeing. However, over time employers have started working hard to create a healthy, productive and cooperative work culture for their employees.

Not just retention, as an HR, you can actually reap several other benefits by making sure the well-being of everyone who works for you. When you encompass a team of satisfied and happy coworkers, you will observe that productivity is going up. Rather than competition, you will notice a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie among team members. When employees are happy, they are less likely to crib or simply withdraw from activities that exist beyond the layout of their area of responsibilities. Remember, happy employees, are energetic, determined, friendly, and positive.

Below mentioned are the several simple HR measures that you can follow to ensure employee well-being:

1. Keep the Environment Cheerful

Dingy, uncomfortable seating arrangements and cramped offices are great deterrents. Employees spend most of their time in office, hence, a pleasant environment, comfortable chairs, good lights, and a few pleasant extras, for example, a good gym or restaurant, etc can unquestionably boost the productivity of the employee. According to various reports, such amenities often initiate a dramatic improvement in energy levels, memory, and concentration.

2. Facilities

One of the finest ways to make sure employee well-being is to offer the facilities that actually count. Initiate various steps and make your staff feel valued. Small details, for example, providing decent coffee, offering them small benefits are important to make them feel treasured.

3. Flexi-Working

A little consideration is always required for your employees to appreciate their performance. If they take a leave unexpectedly or drive in late once in a while, lend a helping hand towards them and aid them in creating a work schedule that actually eases their burden.

4. Intuitive Evaluation

As you’re superior, you must keep in mind that all employees are not equal. So, never try to evaluate your employees on the same ground, blindly. Be sensitive to their weaknesses and strengths. With the help of a few employee wellness programs try to find out what jobs your employee like doing, apart from their routine responsibilities. If they express an interest in something outside their area of expertise, consider getting them trained, by all means. It’s important to note that when employees obtain certain unexpected benefits, they are more expected to stick with you.

4. Education

Mental health issues have abruptly increased among the employees working in the corporate sector. The symptoms of stress or any other mental unwellness are not clearly visible unless the person speaks out openly. However, people usually don’t share their problems causing stress and impacting their work performance with anyone in the workplace due to the social stigma. In such cases, employers have to show a keen interest in providing education to their workforce so they speak out their concerns openly to get some counselling or a few days leave until the issue is resolved.

5. Eating Habits

Although you cannot control your employees completely in terms of what they like to eat yet you can strive to provide healthy eatables to your employees on a weekly basis. The healthy eatables could be a plate full of fruits or sprouts or salad. Providing healthy snacks on a weekly basis will surely encourage your workforce to think about healthier choices while staying at home as well.

6. Reward

Rewarding employees, even for any small achievement can boost their happiness which can result in further improvement in productivity in the workplace. The reward doesn’t need to be always monetary. Many non-monetary ways of rewarding employees are available which are effective and preferred to make people feel positive about the company.

7. Preventive Health Care

Many organizations have wellness programs which are focused on helping people after they have been identified with health issues and resulted in productivity lose over a period of time. However preventive care is more important to timely detect the physical health issues among the employees so consider offering corporate annual health checkup or group health insurance to the employees as a part of preventive health care.

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Employees who are considered as assets rather than resources prefer working in such organizations where they are taken care of their health and well-being. In essence, if you want to build an organization that offers a comprehensive range of workplace wellness programs catering to the needs of a talented workforce, start including these measures from today.