What You Need To Keep In Mind When Building Your Workplace Wellness Culture

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Building Your Workplace Wellness Culture

Building Our Own Culture of Wellness From Within

Remember the time when workplace wellness meant tobacco-cessation programs and weight-loss coaching? Often represented by a banner of the food pyramid hung above the office dining area.

But now the game of corporate wellness has completely changed. Today, corporate wellness can include anything from indoor rock climbing to treadmill desks. Bike racks inspire employees to exercise and follow ‘Green’ habits, while free yoga classes help workforce de-stress.

The fact is, nowadays workplace wellness is no longer regarding bettering one’s health; it’s about boosting the morale of the company and loyalty of employees. Here in this blog, we’ve come up with three things that you must keep in mind when building your workplace wellness culture.

1. Your Employees Should Be The Center Of Your Wellness Retreat

To make your workplace wellness interesting come up with creative ideas, try to emulate your parents when they build everything interesting to make you eat vegetables as a child.

Your employees must feel encouraged and supported. Offer them gadgets to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle while giving them the flexibility to control their own workout schedules, work-life balance, and diets. Effective programs of workplace wellness lessen the healthcare costs for the employers.

Here are few simple things you can start implementing in your workplace from now:

  • Treat your office with healthy meal
  • Support your employees for short naps when they feel tired
  • Offer employees time to hit the gym to keep them fit and get the creative juices flowing
  • The End Purpose is Team Wellness, So try to build team spirit

2. Types Of Wellness Initiatives

Type#1: The first type of initiative generally includes average corporate wellness program, centered around corporate gym discounts, health assessments, and sessions for nutrition. The organization tries to align its employees in the correct direction – by building awareness about their exercising and eating habits-  then leaves them to independently pursue healthy living. In this type of initiative, not much teamwork is involved.

Type#2: The second type of initiative encourages innovation, creativity, and collaboration among employees for the betterment of your company. This is exactly what you should look for.  Challenges become easier and interesting when you work as a team.  A tightly-knitted team motivated and committed to healthy living will not only attract future talent but will also keep your present employees sticking around.

3. Tie Wellness To The Culture Of Your Company

What would make your wellness initiative different from any other company?

Possibilities are, what you think was unique may not actually be. So question yourself: what do your organization and workforce stand for?

If your team is competitive, you can consider offering them some discounts coupons they would fight to win for.  If they’re passionate about the environment, build a campaign to encourage biking or walking to work. If philanthropy is popular among your workforce, give them the opportunity to participate in social causes such as  AIDS Marathon,  Girl Education Campaign etc.

Try to build a wellness culture that clearly defines your organization: whether that means creative, fun, unique or competitive. You’ll undoubtedly see the morale of your team boosting high.