COVID-19: Put Together a Home Emergency Kit

COVID-19: Put Together a Home Emergency Kit

There is no doubt that the novel coronavirus has changed our way of living. The world is passing through a lockdown phase of indefinite period. Almost every business is temporarily shut down, corporate organizations have a gone virtual and asked their employees to work from home. All of us are uncertain about future happenings.

The critical circumstances in the middle of the virus can trigger anxiety, depression and many other mental health problems in people. A lot of misinformation about COVID-19 circulated through social media can act as a catalyst to further raise fear and anxiety. You can cope with such stressors and get prepared for any tough situation amid this deadly virus whether it is to stay in isolation to protect ourselves and others or with family and friends with social distancing & other protective measures.

Although the people infected by COVID-19 have a good recovery rate in India yet the elder people, kids and others with low immunity power run with a risk of a serious illness so they need special care. You can take these protective measures to stay safe and healthy amid this pandemic. Here in this article, you’ll know about the COVID emergency kit that you can always have with you to support emergency.

Your Home Emergency Kit

COVID-19 Home Emergency Kit

During the lockdown period, you must get equipped with essentials to avoid troubles in case of emergency. You can equip yourself with the following things as a part of a home emergency kit.

  • Non-perishable food items ( At least one month supply of dry eatables, canned food items and beverages that unlikely to decay for a long).
  • Cleaning supplies that should include hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol, handwash or antibacterial soaps and disinfectants for cleaning contaminated surfaces.
  • Medicine supplies for one month. It should include basic medicines of fever, cough & cold.
  • Warm clothes and soft blankets.
  • First-aid box that should contain supplies for two weeks at least.
  • Access to nearest COVID-19 healthcare centres (Address with phone numbers).
  • If you have a pet, keep food supplies and care products for 1-2 months. Additionally, keep a vet’s contact information for urgent need.

Your Mental Comfort Matters

During such a phase of pandemic and uncertainty, it is natural to have mental discomfort so your COVID-19 emergency kit must also contain things to entertain in order to take care of your mental health such as calming music, motivational speeches, storybooks, games or products to entertain your hobbies. Get more ideas to take care of your mental health from these suggestions from the CDC.

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