3 Simple Tricks To Add Mindfulness To Your Schedule

3 Simple Tricks To Add Mindfulness To Your Schedule

Tricks To Add Mindfulness To Your Schedule

Since its introduction, mindfulness has been the buzzword in workplace wellness, and a lot of corporations have started to realize the benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace.

Employees are usually over-connected. They’re re consistently multitasking and share multiple roles and responsibilities. Practising mindfulness can help employees in streamlining their thinking and improving their mood.

Apart from reducing stress and increasing happiness, mindfulness practices like meditation have also been associated with reducing blood pressure and improving cognitive functioning.

Are you ready to start experiencing the benefits of mindfulness?

It’s really very easy to add mindfulness practices into your workday. Here are three simple tricks you can follow:

1. Take Small Breaks

Schedule small breaks of 5 minutes in your daily routine, where you simply stop doing your work and breathe. You may look for mini break ideas at work to improve your productivity.

2. Go For Group Meditation Sessions

Start meditation sessions at your work. Practising Meditation will help you reduce stress, control anxiety and decrease blood pressure. It also helps in enhancing self-awareness as well as promotes emotional health. Meditating regularly for 5-10 minutes can really help you in being more productive at work.

3. Be Diligent Regarding Breaks

It’s very important to keep changing your vantage point throughout the day, at least a few times. Instead of communicating through emails, walk to your coworker’s desk. Don’t eat lunch at your desk rather move to the cafeteria. Spend time in refilling your water bottle, and most important try to leave your phone at your desk.  All these small breaks will help you reset your mind and feel relaxed.