Employee Wellness Program Strategies for Organizations by Budget

Employee Wellness Program Strategies for Organizations by Budget

Employee wellness program consists of different strategies according to the budget of the company to improve the health & well-being of employees.

Employee wellness programs have become more significant after the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 hit the world. To improve employees’ health and increase workplace engagement various on-site wellness programs are common and easy to implement for corporations such as physical activity, healthy eating and smoking cessation program. Various online tools are available that will guide you through implementation.

Employee Wellness Program: 3 Things That You Need To Know

Let’s explore below the strategies to implement these workplace wellness programs valid from least budget to expensive budget organizations.

Move more Wellness Program

Corporate offices are known to build a monotonous atmosphere caused by prolong sitting of employees in the same posture. Lack of body movement throughout the day for the long term can cause chronic and psychological diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and depression. Experts believe daily 30 minutes of physical activity is a must to stay fit.

Low Budget Tips to Promote Physical Activity in the Workplace

  • Allow your staff to work in flexible working hours so they have enough time to exercise every day.
  • To avoid long sitting in the same posture, employees must be given frequent short breaks of five minutes to stretch their bodies or do some movement.
  • Replace traditional discussion meetings with walking meetings which is the demand of time
  • Encourage using stairs instead of elevators by hanging motivational posters or symbolic gestures.
  • If possible, have a dedicated walking route within the office building for employees.

Budget Driven Tips to Promote Physical Activity

  • Organize on-site fitness sessions or training programs.
  • Incentivize weight control and management programs.
  • Provide employees with a membership of local gyms or fitness centres.
  • Organize time to time fitness events or sports activities to increase employee engagement and participation.

Healthy Eating Program

Eating healthy is a basic and important thing to manage weight-related conditions of the employees such as underweight, overweight or obesity. Generally, employees don’t care about their eating habits at work so junk food and energy drinks with high caffeine become normal to have for them in order to calm hunger.

The objective of the healthy eating program is to promote fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the workplace so the workforce can remain fit and healthy. After all healthy employees are more productive for the businesses

Low Budget Healthy Eating Promotion Tips for Employers

  • Promote healthy eating tips through email, chat, group messages and various other internal communication channels.
  • Provide health eatables including vegetables and fruits in the common cafeteria in workplace building.
  • Guide your employees about inexpensive healthy food.
  • Instruct your workplace cafeteria to follow nutrition standards.
  • Offer healthy options at an economical price in your workplace cafeteria.

Budget Driven Tips to Promote Nutrition

  • You can make kitchen equipment such as microwave, refrigerator and blender available for use.
  • Provide some space outside the workplace building within office premises for gardening.
  • Offer health coaching programs by hiring external health coaches.
  • Organize a nutrition training program for employees and their family members.
  • Reward employees who actively participate in the nutrition training program and follows the standards.

Smoking Cessation program

Smoking is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths in India. For employers, smokers are the subject of concern as they may increase healthcare cost as well as reduce the overall productivity. Many Employees feel that they smoke to get relief from work stress. So in this program, various alternates of smoking can be promoted to de-stress the employees.

Low Budget tactics to control Smoking

  • Create a smoking prohibition policy that doesn’t permit employees to smoke anywhere in the company.
  • Display posters on the workplace building walls to support no-smoking messages.
  • Organize fun activities in the workplace to destress employees so they don’t choose smoking as an alternative to lowering work-related stress.

Budget Driven Tactics to control Smoking

  • Offer one to one individual counselling to employees who want to quit smoking.
  • Organize a smoking cessation program through a professional trainer and encourage more and more employees to participate.
  • Subsidize smoking cessation medications in order to make them affordable for employees.