Employing Fitness Trackers For A Successful Corporate Wellness

Employing Fitness Trackers For A Successful Corporate Wellness

After the evolution of digital innovations, Companies have started utilizing wearables or fitness trackers for their corporate wellness programs in India. According to research by the year 2018, employers will incorporate more than 13 million wearable fitness and health tracking devices into their employee wellness programs.

A lot of corporate organizations are already using wearables as an element of their corporate wellness strategy and a lot more who are concerned in integrating the feature of device integration with their platform.

Technology is highly influential in almost every aspect of our life, including our health. Employers have started to take advantage of this trend to increase the social factor and boost engagement of their wellness programs and they’re really finding success!

How are employees opting fitness trackers? You can never force your employees for participating in any wellness program; however, you can offer ways to help them get involved.

It’s important to note that by participating in these fitness programs a certain amount of anonymity is lifted, as the employer gets access to an aggregated data pulled via the fitness trackers. Most of the time this information is utilized for designing enhancements to benefits programs as well as tailor incentives to further enhance performance and health at the workplace, more than any negative impact or punishment.

What success are employers finding?

Employers that have successfully implemented fitness trackers into their wellness programs are experiencing more productivity, lower health costs, as well as happier and healthier employees.

Integrating fitness trackers or wearables in your workplace wellness program can offer you the following benefits:

1. Increased Data Accuracy

According to a Survey a large number of employers, use incentives to inspire behaviour change. With the introduction of fitness trackers, it has become very convenient for both employees and employers. Now, rather than exclusively relying on employees to self-report their progress whether it is cardio minutes, calories data or daily steps walked, data is automatically uploaded from fitness trackers to their wellness technology platform, giving employers the assurance that the data is absolutely accurate.

2. Strengthens Behavior Change

Today’s fitness and health tracking devices make it really easy and simple for the employees to monitor their progress and track changes in their health.

3. Social Connection Boosts Wellness

Fitness trackers or Wearables directly link participants to an online health community. It can be with family, friends, co-workers or any other social connections, where they can share fitness information and compete with each other and showcase their victory.