Fun Ways To Become More Healthy And Productive At Work

Fun Ways To Become More Healthy And Productive At Work

Fun Way to Become More Healthy And Productive At Work

Whether you’re a part of a newly established start-up with a couple of people or sitting at a multi-national corporation, if wish to boost productivity and morale, there are always some effective, creative, and downright fun ideas to do it.

Here we’ve come up with 3 game-changing office upgrades that will help you boost productivity at work.

1. Home Away From Home

From past few years, there has been a huge movement toward the “home away from home” style of office design.
Here’s the thing: employees require a workplace to manage that all-important ‘work/life balance, but that doesn’t mean that work can’t be homelike and cozy. Adding some creativity to maintain workplace wellness , like a shag carpet, couches or plenty of open lighting can actually make it more homelike which will help you feel comfortable and eventually result in increased productivity at work. Adding trees, plants, and all things green fills much-needed vibrancy to normally bland, dull cubicles,  also they bridge that gap between outdoor and indoor that often becomes nearly impossible for a professional desk jockey.

2. Room To Play

Here we’re not talking about selling children’s toys to have a fun, but a relaxing place which can be either an unused office or a conference room where employees can relax for a few minutes when the daily grind gets too much. Relaxing for a while can freshen them up for the next task at hand and increase productivity at work.
The bottom line is that when it comes to an office it should make everyone feel very comfortable. It is very important to interact with your workforce and know what exactly they need out of their workplace.

3. Open Seating Plan

Let’s talk a bit about “coworking spaces.”
Coworking brings an open seating arrangement and an office structure that promotes cross-pollination of creativity and ideas among employees that helps in building productivity at work. In a large building, instead of the same 6 employees seeing each other every day, coworking spaces allow employees to mingle with 10 other people from 5 different companies, often with shared resources like cafeterias, gyms and conference rooms that none of those companies could afford all by itself. Coworking space increases the exchange of ideas and helps in building better communication.