How to Manage Workplace Fitness Challenges for Effective Wellness Strategy

How to Manage Workplace Fitness Challenges for Effective Wellness Strategy

Workplace wellness challenges are health contests or fitness activities organised in the workplace to improve employee well-being and productivity. The primary objective of wellness challenges in the workplace is to encourage the workforce to adopt healthy habits. The type of challenge to be organised in the workplace depends upon the health risk associated with your workforce that you want to target. Additionally, the challenges can be organised among different employee groups or individuals.

Workplace wellness challenges are one of the best ways to maintain fun, uniqueness and freshness of the well-being program. There is a provision of incentives and reward points for the winners of the competitions which motivates the employees to maintain healthy behaviors. In a nutshell, the wellness challenges can be considered as an important part of workplace strategy as well as the employee benefits & compensation.

How to Manage Workplace Well-being Challenges

Workplace Well-being Challenges for Effective Wellness Strategy

Take Feedback from Employees to Decide the Challenge

For a successful wellness challenge, you must ask your employees to decide which challenge to do. The employees would show more interest and engagement if the challenge is based on their choices.

Announce the Challenge in a Classy Way and Multiple Times

In today’s digital world employees get lots of messages & invitations. Many of these messages are not even read or ignored most of the times. So you have to effectively communicate the challenge to make it successful. Also, sending a gentle reminder about the already sent communication will worth. A good health & wellness platform automatically handles these communication-related tasks effectively.

Make the Challenges Easy to Participate

A good wellness platform makes sure that it contains all vital information and procedures that allow employees from different locations and time zones to easily participate in the wellness challenge and keeps the complete data of incentives, reward points and other synchronized with different devices.

Include Fun

Include fun and gamification in your wellness challenge so employees enjoy being happier & healthier. If your wellness challenges are not gamified and do not include fun, make necessary changes immediately.


Every employee has own personal health & fitness goals so your wellness challenges must focus on the health targets of employees. You must let your employees create their own challenges on a timely basis so they remain engaged with the workout. If you force your employees to participate in the company-designed challenges, it won’t help in generating the required output. So focus on making your employees healthy by implementing necessary wellness challenges in the workplace and make your business healthy & productive.