Role Managers Play In Employee Well-Being

Role Managers Play In Employee Well-Being

Employee Well-Being Manager's Responsibility

Managers can utilize their leadership skills to encourage healthy behaviors in the workplace.  Something excellent about encouraging healthy habits is that it doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. There are several easy ways to build a culture of wellness as well as facilitate healthy choices. Here are three simple ways managers can help shape employee well-being.

1. Educate

Education performs a significant role in employee wellness. A lot of employees are completely unfamiliar with how to get in shape, eat healthily, as well as take care of their psychological health. Managers can help employees by offering them proper education via health classes. They can consider bringing in a health professional once or twice a month to offer proper education regarding health and wellness for employees. Stress management, cooking classes, and yoga classes are also some of the great ideas.

2. Being Thankful

Expressing gratitude and being thankful is one of the simplest things managers can do to encourage employee well-being. By just thanking employees for a job well-done, they can boost morale and office positivism will thrive. Employees who get an appreciation for their job feel happier and work hard. Greater office morale simply leads to more productivity and less stress. Managers should make it a habit of finding something good every day to be grateful for – it doesn’t matter if it’s not the best day at work. Employees will definitely appreciate it, take note and begin to do the same.

3. Propose Healthy Choices

Rethink those fatty and sugary snacks that are ready in your office break room and vending machines. Managers can put an end to “office cake culture” that might be fascinating employees to eat more calories. Replace low-nutrient snacks in the break rooms and vending machines with healthy alternatives like almonds, plain Greek yoghurt, or whole grains. Build a community fruit basket where employees can grab and add free fruit for everyone to share.

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