Science Behind Mindfulness Vs Mindlessness

Science Behind Mindfulness Vs Mindlessness

Are you Mindful or Mindless? It’s a tough question for all of us right now, especially when we are preparing ourselves for post – COVID scenario. We are learning so many ways to adjust to the new normal. So, how does Mindfulness come into a role play?

In general, Mindfulness means being in the present moment. Instead, our mind is being an autopilot of so many things happening around us, which is something most of us are, most of the time. We tend to give our mind some break and stop thinking about what we are doing right now and why we are doing so? We continue to follow our routine without even noticing the things around us. Therefore, Mindfulness is simply an idea of learning how to be fully present and become more aware of the present moment without any judgement or distraction.

Mindfulness VS Mindlessness

Mindfulness not only helps you to see the world and your problems in new ways, but it also provides a break from the old routine mindless thinking. A great way to practice Mindfulness is to implement Mindfulness in your daily tasks like eating, walking, showering or listening to music etc. Mindfulness does not need any extra efforts or any complicated steps but it requires you to engage yourself fully in activities so that you get opportunities to live your life in a happy and meaningful way.

To sum up, practising Mindfulness, we become more aware of our emotions and behaviours, thereby becoming the master of our own life.

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