5 Practices to Boost Emotional Well-Being

5 Practices to Boost Emotional Well-Being

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think of wellness? It’s physical wellness for most, something that companies relate to generally. Physical wellness attracts attention as it can be measured easily, for instance, encouraging the workforce to exercise regularly or developing healthier eating habits. However, most of us forget that it begins in your mind. Your body can’t produce results if you don’t have the essential mindset, and your brain can’t function well; if it’s plagued with complications like anxiety, depression, and stress.

Emotional wellbeing is not dodging illnesses or issues altogether, but knowing that you will meet adversities in life, (something unavoidable if you a human), and when you do, you will be equipped to deal with it, and bounce back when required.

In a world where stress is the new normal now, companies should, as a rule, invest in its employees’ overall wellbeing if it strives to thrive. Here, we come up with a few techniques that foster emotional wellbeing, feasible for a company’s employee wellness program too.

Boost Emotional Well-being

Guided Meditation

In a day of constant commotion, a few moments of silence can seem like heaven. It’s in those moments of quiet you become a part of the consciousness. And as they say, calm waters offer better reflections than the muffled ones.

Companies can run a guided meditation challenge periodically, to help employees’ unwind, body, and soul.

Gratitude as a Medicine

When you practice the habit of gratitude, you start paying attention to things, in life, unnoticed thus far. It’s a habit that not only makes you happy but also gets you more attentive towards your life, taking conscious control of things happening inside and about.

Get your employees to write one thing they are grateful for, each day for 21 days on a shared doc. You will encounter a happier and more satisfied workforce eventually.

A Positivity Challenge

According to experts, a human mind thinks about 60000-80000 thoughts, a day. How many of them do we pay attention to? They are something that passes by, for most of us. Stress, anxiety, depression, etc. are generally the end products; it starts with little harmless negative thoughts in the beginning.

Let your employees pay attention to their emotional health by measures like mood trackers, or exercises like, for every negative thought, they pinch themselves, getting more conscious of their mental activity, each time.

A simple exercise, like this, can make tremendous effects in helping them correct their course, towards a happy life.


An EAP is a workplace service, to help employees deal with various issues like relationship problems, drug abuse, financial concerns, work-related stress, etc. Hiring a professional EAP expert will go a long way in making your company a happy place to work at.

Socializing for the social species

It’s very important to have meaningful connections to thrive emotionally. Small talks or smiling in between might sound too simplistic, but they have profound effects on the emotional psyche of a person. A day full of icy glares and tough talks or affectionate exchanges and warm smiles; which one would you fancy? It’s not very difficult to decide.

Converse with people you encounter every day. An everyday greeting, a warm smile, and brief affectionate changes might go a long way in keeping your soul content.

Truworth Wellness believes in an inclusive work culture. Let us help in making your workforce happy: body and soul.