How to Help Employees Stay Determined about Wellness Goals during Holidays

How to Help Employees Stay Determined about Wellness Goals during Holidays

The holiday season will start as we’re about to enter Christmas and the New year 2020. During this long festive break, many of your employees might discontinue the healthy habits which they have learned during the entire year in the company’s wellness program. It is common for employees to get enticed with junk food, appetizers and other unhealthy beverages during holiday celebrations with friends or family and compromise the wellness goals they have maintained in the workplace.

Employers can play a vital role in making their employees well-informed about their wellness goals during the holidays. They can organize any event or send text messages to motivate the workforce about their fitness goals as the new year comes closer. Let’s explore the following tactics for employers to help their people in terms of achieving fitness goals.

Helping Employees Stay Determined about Wellness Goals during Holidays
Employee Health & Well-being during Holiday Season

Arrange Wellness Meetings Breaks

As we’re approaching towards the holiday season, employers must start arranging wellness sessions frequently to make employees aware of the importance of well-being needs. HR people must meet the workforce and provide them with printed wellness materials, fruits or incentives to promote health and well-being.

Use Holiday Themes in the Wellness Program

To gain maximum participation in your workforce, you must run the holiday-themed wellness program that will focus on health and well-being activities such as stress management, weight loss, EAP or social relationships. you can distribute the themed cards among your employees and ask them to achieve certain wellness goals during the holiday season. This will increase awareness about how important is their health than anything else.

Organize a Holiday Based Movie Hour

You can organize a movie hour for your employees to make them feel happy and inspired for workouts during holidays. The movie hour can also be promoted as a happy hour across the workplace to foster employee engagement.

Gift Healthy Eatables

If you are running a healthy eating program, and simply give health coaching to your employees during holidays, it will take a long time to make an impact to change their eating habits. So you can experiment with trading healthy eatables during holidays that will encourage your employees to do the same and achieve the wellness goals for the healthy eating program.

Weekend Gathering for Dance Celebrations

Make your employees move their body by organizing a dance party on weekends (Fridays). This is a fun exercising activity which will encourage your employees to remain fit and productive during holidays. Besides, the gathering for fun will definitely draw the maximum participation from the workforce. This kind of party can also be a centre for HR or business owner to convey an inspirational message focused on health & well-being needs as the message will reach across the maximum people of the company. This will act as an input to employees to process fitness goals during holidays.

The holiday season during Christmas and the New year can be a very difficult and testing phase for employees in order to achieve their wellness goals. However, as an employer, you can encourage them by the above-mentioned ways to maintain their healthy eating behaviors and wellness goals.