How to Start Global Health and Fitness Month For Your Workplace Wellness

How to Start Global Health and Fitness Month For Your Workplace Wellness

As we have entered the Global employee health & fitness month of May, companies have started encouraging employees to follow a healthy lifestyle. Healthy interactions are taking place between employees & employers with respect to healthy habits to get reduced healthcare costs and increased business performance.

The global employee health & fitness month is a choice for employers to start making their population aware of the benefits of physical activities for better health and productivity at the workplace. By organizing a proper workplace exercise session and asking all employees to participate in the session for these 30 days, Employers can make their employees habitual of healthy living.

What You Can Do To Promote Fitness This Global Health & Fitness Month

As an employer, if you haven’t invested in employee health yet, it’s a good time to initiate some healthy habits to be followed by your employees at work. This simple start of promoting healthy habits will gradually evolve to generate healthy workplace culture to give your business a boost it needs in terms of growth.

Here are some tips you can follow this May to make your workplace healthy & productive:

Just Walk

You can promote using stairs among your people to raise their fitness level in terms of body weight. There are many options to promote walking in the office, for example, asking your employees to use washrooms of another floor, conducting walking meeting sessions with various teams or you can even ask your employees to walk to the desk of their seniors for any work-related discussions rather than doing conversation on emails and chats.

Adopt Fitness Trackers

People tend to be more active, encouraged and mindful towards their health if they are able to track their health & fitness metrics on a regular basis. Fitness trackers pay a vital role in motivating employees to complete 10,000 steps in a day to keep their heart well.

Offer Gym Membership

You can offer a GYM membership to the employees who need or those who are passionate about work out. For example, certain employees in your workplace may be overweight or suffering from obesity who need to be a part of this membership. You can even offer small incentives to them or some non-monetary benefits if they achieve certain fitness goals. This will not only make your employees healthy but also prove to be a crucial step towards increasing your business outcome.

Flexible Timing for Workout

You can try offering flexible timing to the employees to work out so they can achieve a certain health goal. Today in the world of digital technology, there are many smart devices available that can guide employees about a workout like yoga, meditation, stretching, cardio or any other form of exercise, it doesn’t matter if they are at work or home.

Promote Walking Meetings at Office

Walking meetings serve as a unique & powerful way to keep your employees engaged and fit in the workplace. Ask your teams to conduct work meetings at the nearest spot outside the office instead of following the traditional way. You can even ask your employees to roam around the office building to do some healthy discussions. This will not only improve the mood of people but also increase the level of creative thinking.

Employee Health Checks

You must think of offering corporate health check packages to your employees & their dependents. This will help to strengthen their relationship with the company and also motivate them to build healthy behaviour.  The organization gets to benefit in the form of a reduced level of sickness & absenteeism by supporting employee health & wellness. Besides, physically fit embodies can concentrate better while working and lead to better productivity as well.

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Start promoting workplace wellness aggressively this May to make a healthy work atmosphere. Offer opportunities to your population for practising physical activities, this will make them feel energized throughout the workday. Initiate the process of offering incentives to your employees for increasing participation in wellness activities. Grab this global employee health & fitness month to make a positive move in your business strategy by including employee wellness programs.