Neurobics: A New Proven Way Of Reviving Your Brain Health

Neurobics: A New Proven Way Of Reviving Your Brain Health

Neurobics or neuro-aerobics are exercises to make your brain healthy. These exercises are aimed to engage various parts of the brain into various challenging activities, to keep them working, improve neural connections, increase the grey matter and in turn improve a number of cognitive tasks- primarily memory and learning. These unconventional activities provide numerous health benefits in addition to cutting out monotony from your mundane routine.

Let’s understand the Neurobics with the following exercises:

Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

Try using your non-dominant hand for day to day activities such as door push or pull, brushing teeth, writing & more. By practising so, you will increase engagement of various parts of your brain that will, in turn, result in improved efficiency of the brain. Nowadays when the entire world is going through COVID-19 pandemic, health experts advise using non-dominant hand for touching surfaces as it is unlikely to touch the face with that hand. Hence it avoids the risk of virus spread.

Sharpen your Sense of Smelling

Smelling sense also impacts the functioning of the brain so you must try to sharpen it. Generally what our eyes see works as an input to recognise the smell. Consider recognising the smell with closed eyes. It will help you sharpen the sense.

Practise Multitasking

Try to engage your brain in multiple tasks at a time to improve your brain’s efficiency. For example, listen to a piece of soothing music along with having a meal. These multitasking activities will generate more grey cells to improve the efficiency of the brain.

Change your Routes Often

While driving, if you follow the same route to your home or office every day, your brain switches to the auto-pilot mode so, in the Neurobics, it is advised to take different paths to your home or office to keep your brain engaged & stimulated.

Try Listening to Music of Different Language

Listening to different language songs or conversations and then trying to pronounce those words will help your brain creating new neurons which are in turn useful for your mental growth & well-being.

Focus on Breathing

Breathing is a good exercise to relieve stress and improve concentration power. Try spending 5 minutes every day focusing on deep breathing. It will help you to slow down the waves of thoughts coming back & forth in your brain and refresh the energy levels.

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