Tips To Make Workplace Wellness A Culture Win

Tips To Make Workplace Wellness A Culture Win

Tips To Make Workplace Wellness A Culture Win

The perfect approach for cutting edge talent management: workplace wellness programs. Implemented well, they develop a deep level of employee engagement that resonates beautifully on employer brand. Wellness programs not only enhance employee performance, but they exhibit a genuine concern for employee well-being. Short-term benefits aim for higher productivity, mental clarity, loyalty boosts, morale and all that. The larger goal includes reducing healthcare costs, driving employee engagement and satisfaction as well as attracting and retaining the best talent. Below are few tips to make workplace wellness a culture win.

1. Offer Wearable Tech

It’s personal. It’s inexpensive. Wearables are on boom. Activity trackers can be easily linked to social wellness apps; customizable versions can build company-wide programs with competitions, events, and rewards. Employees can very easily monitor their own progress and make it social. There are different versions with elaborate data tracking, from heart rate to blood pressure and beyond. Others include eating habits as well — offering recognition for making healthy choices.

2. Healthy Holidays

If routine is the enemy of innovation, break it up by forming myriad healthy holidays: get your employees on their feet by organizing a Company Walking Day, when employees need to walk for at least half an hour during the workday. Formulate “Fitness Friday” with permissible hours for yoga, gym, running or walking during the workday.

3. Incentivizing

Incentivizing participation is key to sustaining employee and driving engagement. There are numerous ways to do it, but the ones that hit the pocket are certainly the sweetest, including discounts coupons on health premiums, home days or flextime, gift cards, healthy retreats — an amazing way to build in creative collaboration and team brainstorming between yoga and massages. Team goals, coaching consults, leaderboards — you can promote deeper engagement by polling employees on what they require in terms of recognition.