How to Encourage Your Employees to Move more

How to Encourage Your Employees to Move more


It is the responsibility of every employer to keep their employees physically active in order to gain their fitness levels as the only physically fit employees have greater engagement and productivity at the workplace. So what steps should an employer take to get the workforce moving for health, fitness, and well-being in the workplace? Here we’ve explained below some of the ideas to help employers get started.

Get your Employees Moving to Increase Health and Fitness

1. Fitness Trackers

Employers can think of providing their employees with wearables or fitness trackers. The wearables can easily be connected with fitness applications such as Google Fit and Fitbit that could help employees become aware and passionate about their health and fitness. With these fitness trackers, employees can track their behavior such as the number of steps walked and total sitting hours during the entire day. Employers can organize a walking competition among employees to see who can walk the highest steps in a month.

2. Company Garden

Business owners or HR persons of the company can consider maintaining a garden near office premises. It will allow employees to walk outside, inhale fresh air and exercise in a pleasant way. According to various researchers, gardening is a kind of less intense cardiovascular activity. Thorough gardening of nearly 40-45 minutes can burn about 150 to 300 calories.  Also, gardening is one of the best ways for mental well-being as well as reducing stress & anxiety.

3. Health Clubs

The HR department of the company must come up with some fitness activities at the workplace like health clubs and circles. Currently, walking clubs are in the trend under corporate wellness. Start giving your employees walking breaks that will get them out from their sedentary lifestyle. It will also encourage them to stay fit and productive in the workplace. Additionally, you can take a step towards forming a company sports group which will help employees have fun by organizing games such as softball, basketball, or any other recreational sport activity based on their interest.

4. Onsite Gym

If your budget allows, consider building an onsite gym in the workplace. Employees will find an on-site gym a convenient way for the physical workout to raise their fitness level. At least 30 minutes exercise in the gym after office hours will help your employees reduce extra calories. If your organization’s budget doesn’t allow building an onsite gym, consider partnering with any gym close to the company building and offer discount coupons to your employees on taking the membership. You can also give employees an incentive for doing a workout at the gym.

5. Outdoor Activity

Start spreading awareness about the role of outdoor activities in raising fitness levels. Help your employees in taking some hours from their daily routine for outdoor fun and sports activities. You can organize outdoor team walks, walking meetings, group picnics etc.. All such activities encourage them staying physically active which leads to good health. Ask your employees to walk around the office building while appearing at a conference meeting and occupying seats for 15-20 minutes.

6. Office Exercise

Ask your employees to do some light stretches every time they start with a conference or team meeting. Promote standing desks in such events of group discussions. Exercising will help employees re-energize and boost concentration for more productive work life. Encourage employees for deskercise and help them with some simple fitness tips that employees can follow during the day at their desk.

7. Rethink Desks

Various researches have claimed that a sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous than smoking. A traditional working methodology of corporate organizations insists employees sitting for longer working hours a day. Hence, employers must provide their employees with convertible desks. A convertible desk can be converted easily in a standing desk so employees can easily switch their posture from sitting to standing periodically. You can also arrange exercise balls for your employees as a replacement for conventional chairs.

Corporate organizations must invest in employee wellness programs for the health and well-being of their staff. The HR department of the company has an important role to play in building corporate wellness strategies for employees. Also, employers must timely review of what actions their company is taking to promote healthy choices and habits among their employees.